The Path of Resilience and Resourcefulness

Not everyone was born resilient or resourceful; some never felt the need or the appeal, others have had the need or the appeal and already learned, while others are yet coming to the awareness that maybe now is the time to learn, the path of resilience and resourcefulness as a whole new way of life.

The Theory for Everything (TOE or ToE), the final theory, ultimate theory, or master theory is a hypothetical single, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe. But today I am not going to specifically write about Physics or the Theory of Everything which I find quite fascinating; I am merely mentioning how important it is to acknowledge it and maybe even translate it into simple words – everything is linked to everything.

There is, a theory for just about anything and while I don’t find any problem about theory in general, I find a problem residing in the practice or non-practice of it; we learn theories on end with little or no personal appeal to put them into practice. Mankind has been forever like this… loves to teach and preach about old theory or new theory, but hardly practices it.

This old status quo must change as we walk into the practically and good sustenance of life for every living being, and the Theory of Everything is the theory, science teaches, explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe, because as we understand the link, we better understand that any change must include each and every one of us.

Your actions make a ripple effect into everyone else and everything else!

But let’s review the theory about resilience - It says it’s the mental ability to recover quickly from depression, illness or misfortune. The physical property of material that can resume its shape after being stretched or deformed; elasticity. The positive ability of a system or company to adapt itself to the consequences of a catastrophic failure caused by power outage, a fire, a bomb or similar (particularly IT systems, archives).

And the theory about resourcefulness is: The ability to cope with difficult situations, or unusual problems.

From reading these two definitions or theories one is inclined to believe they are similar as well as connected to difficult situations, misfortune or tragedy and catastrophe.

As a resilient and resourceful person since childhood, I find myself in a position to say these definitions are wrong; the only term that can be close to the truth is “elasticity” and I will elaborate on that by defining my truth, regarding resilience and resourcefulness, not in a theory perspective but in a sense of practical terms, experience and how it has served me throughout my life.

Some people accommodate themselves so well, they don’t do anything new for years on end; they don’t feel the appeal, so when they are confronted with something new they feel their hands tied, they feel stuck, they feel lack in a painful way and their life becomes difficult. They lack abilities as they never felt they needed to learn or practice, they always relied on someone else because the need or call to be self-sufficient was forever non-existent.

I remember as a small child I was very quiet, maybe an introvert as to these days’ definitions, but in reality I liked to learn by listening and watching. As I watched and listened I could learn what I thought was interesting to me, what could be of value or what I did not want to be or do, as it did not correspond to who I felt I was then. These memories go back to when I was maybe 5 years old, or even less. So from very early age I was making silent choices.

From very early on, I learned to be resilient to situations that were not very appealing to me but I adapted them to my own specific needs and wants, and this is where I find the word “elasticity” corresponding; there is a need for an elasticity of thoughts and actions into being resilient. But there is no need for a catastrophic situation to be resilient – you are resilient in any situation the same way you are pragmatic or practical.

I’ve always used this capacity in my whole life, and I’ve said many times - I am like a chameleon – the reptile that changes the color of their skin to adapt to the situation of the moment.

Being resilient has helped me move from country to country, city to city as well as to a rural place, and adapt with no problem whatsoever. And mind you, I adapt in my own “grand” way - meaning I work to have my comfort everywhere I go, using my resourcefulness way of being. Where some people think and say - that’s too much work - I say I find pleasure in being resourceful, to able myself into having a comfortable and pleasurable life which I define as complete luxury.

In practical terms, being resilient has made me be capable of adapting in any situation or place while being resourceful has made me learn, how to use whatever was available and on hand, in order to move on with my usual life in the best, cheerful and blissful way.

Using less to do more or to do what you need or want is an absolute luxury and I am grateful to have this capacity.

How do I replicate this into others? By teaching? By insisting? By nagging? - No, not at all!

I can only do one thing; I show the way, I give the idea and I plant a seed!

The urgent need to eliminate waste is long overdue, we all know this but usually look to the other side pretending it has nothing to do with us. Especially in the United States of America, people are inclined, seduced, taught and led by hypnosis marketing, to buy and consume way more than what they need. This mentality has spread throughout the so called developed countries like a contagious disease, because we are all linked together whether we like it or not, and so all of the over-consumption is making everyone else suffer the consequences. We criticize certain countries and mentalities but it is in those countries that the most of the consumed items are manufactured, for ridiculous prices that make those people overwork and over-stress. This is not right, this is not fair! Like the late George Carlin used to say: “People buy shit they don’t need with money they don’t have”.

I do know we must let each soul travel its path, but there is a limit when it’s endangering us all as species! That limit has to be drawn when we know we must do something as a collective to change beliefs and actions that will form the ripple we need to be sustainable.

It is time for everyone to learn how to be responsible, self-sufficient, self-reliable, pragmatic, practical and in being so, The Path of Resilience and Resourcefulness becomes the natural way of life that respects and sustains every being in this beautiful planet we chose to live in.

Much Love and Light!


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